5 Mystical Laws: from Darkness into Miracle of Grace

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5 Mystical Laws represent a higher level of consciousness that redefines your core relationship to power, and in particular to your power of choice.

~Caroline Myss

The 5 Mystical Laws, in Caroline Myss book, “Defy Gravity”, turns my painful moments into a miracle during one stressful summer vacation. Somehow my husband convinces me that a 900-mile one-way road trip with our teenage son profoundly affected with autism is a good idea. The road to Milwaukee for a family reunion replaces our annual summer beach vacation to North Carolina. This trip is hard for my son, Rich. Traveling for 2 days only to end up swimming in a tiny hotel pool leaves him speechless. By the way, Rich is considered nonverbal. He is not happy, and his payback is the piercing shrill of his cries. In quiet desperation, I pray. Consciously applying the Mystical laws takes everything I have.

There is only now. To cheer up Rich we drive around Milwaukee to see what it has to offer. As we scope the area, I take a moment to consider the other side of pain—gratitude. Mentally, I list the “now’s” of being together, safe, and having an air-conditioned minivan because it is a very hot July. Exasperated by the volume of his cries, my husband turns into a street with the intention of heading back to the hotel. I insist he keep driving. I have hope. We reach the end of the street and soon my hopes turn downward as we only find a playground. However, this time, my husband has hope. “Rich will have fun!” Just because my teenage son has profound issues with autism does not mean he should be treated like a child. I dislike the idea and yet I relent. I stay in the minivan and observe my husband walk Rich towards the swings only to see my son plant himself next to a sign post to cry some more. All eyes in the park are directed at them.
  • Note: Are you living a life that is not according to your plans or expectations? Learn this lesson from me, don’t mourn for the ideal life for over a decade. I can hear Myss yell, “Yet another day of mourning? Get on with it! You’re missing a beautiful present life. Get a backbone instead of a wishbone.” It is absolutely natural to grieve but at some point, you must move on and spend time cultivating beauty in the life given to you. Slipping into old patterns is natural. So, stay in the present moment to anchor you. Knowing better, I wipe my tears and hold my feet to the fire and reflect on the next mystical law.
All is an Illusion. The discomfort of strangers staring takes hold of my mind: I’m a bad mother, the trip is a bust, my husband is selfish for making us take this road trip. My mind creates an illusion of how autism has ruined our lives and it’s everyone’s fault. My “now” is painful. Spewing blame led me to lose my gratitude footing and into the myth of “I’m a good, spiritual person, therefore God should reward me with an easy life”. Never had I imagined I would be raising a child with autism. Again, I hear Caroline Myss say to me, “Who do you think it would happen to? Your neighbor? Boo-hoo!” Love her spirited truth! Good and bad things happen to everyone. Myss would also add, “how you respond will determine your destiny.”
  • Note: Autism and other health issues does disrupt and wreak havoc in people’s lives. But don’t let it ruin your entire life. You can choose to live in the present moment and somehow and someway choose to find the beauty within the disruption. Wishing for a life you desire places you out of the present moment and into illusion.
Forgiveness. Note: To break the illusion, forgiveness is essential. Forgive the situation and let go of demanding things to be different. We have challenges and it is what it is. Choices have consequences. The illusion of being owed an easy life only adds to pain, so let go.
Despite knowing this truth, I could not seem to cross that bridge of forgiveness. “God help me” I say to myself and then I remember the advice of my parent coach, “feel your emotions”. My “now moment” is in pain and I feel every ounce of it. The tears of illusion of a healthy child, a normal vacation, a normal anything come flowing out. Feeling rather than suppressing my sadness allows me to let go, fully let go of the expectations and plans I had for our lives. Finally, open to receiving possibilities, the bridge to forgiveness seems possible. I choose to ask forgiveness from the Divine for not trusting. Later in the evening, I ask forgiveness from my husband for being so harsh. The most difficult request, I ask my son for forgiveness.
Trust in the Divine, synchronicity, and the paradox of life. In asking for forgiveness, I chose to trust that there is a purpose in every experience. As I sit there hanging on to faith, I notice an elderly couple getting out of their car with beach chairs. That seems very odd. Hope takes hold of me once again. As I turn to get my husband and son, I see them running back to the minivan. “There’s a hidden path to the beach”, my husband yells. That pole my son planted himself on, shows an arrow symbol pointing, “to the beach”. We find the hidden path and my son bolts as we all feel the cool breeze hit our face. I love the synchronicities: my husband turning into a street, me insisting he continue to drive, and my son planting himself firmly on the sign post. The very moment I chose to let go and ask for forgiveness; my family and I encounter a miracle!
5 Mystical Laws: Hidden Pathway
  • Note: Hold on to anger or trust? Choose to let go so you can find your hidden path to alleviate those difficult moments.
Live an Integrous and Congruent life. I’m trying. My husband, however, responds to my apology with a loving kiss and supportive words, “let’s get through this together”. Despite the daggers of guilt, thrown at him earlier, he remains patient and forgives. He does not blame God for our life’s challenges. Quick to compassion and slow to judge. Closing on nearly 25 years of marriage, he has demonstrated integrity, again and again. Perfect? No. My husband is an athlete, a runner. The mark of an Athlete Archetype lives this motto, “it’s not about perfection but doing your personal best.” My husband embodies this law and I am in awe.
  • Note: In those difficult moments choose to maintain integrity and congruency.
The 5 Mystical Laws will get you through many tough moments: All you have is “Now”. Keep your soul in the present to prevent your mind from creating illusions that will tear your soul. Feel the emotions if your soul does tear you into pieces. Letting go will bring clarity. Forgive, it will anchor you to the truth. Trust in the Divine, the synchronicities, the paradox. Live with integrity and congruency. Keep these laws close to your heart and you may find yourself walking into a miracle.

“A miracle is God bending the laws of physics just for you”.

~ Caroline Myss quoting, Sister Kevin

That one hot summer, The Divine heard the sorrows of the wounded child, heard the prayers of his mother, and observed the love and faith of his father. So, the Divine bent the laws of nature and brought the beach– to my family.

Remy Nirschl
—— About Remy Nirschl:
Remy is a writer, a mother to two wonderful souls, and a soul companion to her husband of nearly 25 years. Propelled into the autism journey in 2004 with the diagnosis of her son, this lead Remy to journey within as she experienced great losses and challenges. Trained in Caroline Myss “Sacred Contract”, this modality has given her the tools for clarity and empowerment. Remy is called into service as an Archetypal Consultant mentoring individuals in their soul journey.
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