Remy Nirschl

Remy Nirschl, Archetypal Consultant

Archetypal Consultant/Mentor

Hello, my name is Remy.  The core of what I love to do is guide people in their personal development through Archetypal Consulting/Mentoring. My background in social work gave me the experience to coordinate care for the frail elderly, brain injured, and psychiatric individuals and their caregivers in their own home.  In 2004, my husband and I found ourselves not only having the role as parents but as caregivers to our son diagnosed with autism. This twist of fate now required me to coordinate care for my own family. Our souls needed nourishing and over the years I accumulated resources to help us not only manage but to live fully. My family and I continue to face the mysteries head on, and allow ourselves to be open to moments of grace.   

My journey of transformation calls me to be of service and mentor others. Wounds we receive by sheer living can lock us into pain. My goal is to give people the tools to empower themselves to be able to shift their focus from living a life with wounds to living a life with meaning.

Offerings: Passionate with the workings of the soul, the teachers I follow include the likes of Caroline Myss, Michael Meade, Thomas Moore, James Hillman, and  Jordan Peterson, just to name a few. The totality of their work embodies deep knowledge of the soul and care for the soul. Their work inspires me to give back what I learn as a writer and Archetypal Consultant/mentor. I am certified through the Caroline Myss Educational Institute. 

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to my wonderful family: sage companion Nick, nature child Nikki, and magical child Rich – who broke down all the illusions of this world and taught me valuable lessons about life, love, and who I am. My intention is to give back what I learn to serve others in their soul journey. 

Services:          Archetypal Consulting/Mentoring

Contact:  Remy Nirschl

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