Archetypal Guide:
Unlock the Soul's Code

What are Archetypes and why use it for self development?

What are Archetypes? You absolutely know you have a certain way about you. You have a certain way of speaking, acting, feeling and behaving.  You may even at one time have said, “baby, I was born this way”!  Archetypes gives you the image or name of your pattern of behaviors and emotions.  For example, if you identify as being a mother, teacher, healer, you are identifying with archetypes. This website lists Archetypal patterns for your reference as you engage in your Soul’s Journey.  The goal is to offer you an understanding of archetypal patterns (template).  Archetypes are neutral energetic patterns offering you wisdom of its light and shadow tendencies. When you learn the wisdom of these patterns and how each approach situations in life, you understand more about yourself and others.  The archetypes listed here are through the work of Caroline Myss, Sacred Contract.  She identifies 72 archetypal patterns but clearly states, there are infinite number of patterns out there.

Usefulness:  If you ever feel stuck, then Archetypes offer you a different lens or point of view. When faced with a problem, you can refer to archetypal patterns to see if there’s a different way of looking through your situation that will lead to the answers you seek. When you take 72 archetypal patterns and read both it’s light and shadow wisdom, that’s 144 possible solutions to address your issue. Archetypes not only help you understand yourself and others, each offer strategies to work through obstacles.  Each pattern brings to consciousness things that are hidden from you.  This site will be adding archetypal patterns every month.  

Remy Nirschl is certified Archetypal Consultant through CMED (Caroline Myss’s Online Education).   Learn more about working with Remy Nirschl.

Survival Archetypes

Caroline Myss’s book, Sacred Contract, identifies four survival archetypes embedded in every person: The Child, the Victim, the Prostitute, and the Saboteur. These archetypal responders swoosh in when your sense of security is threatened (real or imagined).  Each address specific challenges that will have you confront your self-esteem.  

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