Storytelling helps us to understand the world we live in.  When we understand why people do the things they do, we may see ourselves in them, open our hearts and allow compassion to follow suit.  
The following are my reflections of stories, myths, and religious texts that offer life lessons.  Through stories, you can see what connects us to each other.

Cain and Abel: Legacy of Choice
An Egyptian Tale, A Visionary Genius, and A Feather
Whimsical Tale of Ted Geisel (AKA) Dr. Seuss
Cupid & Psyche: Power of Love
Book of Job: Human Suffering
Self-love is not Selfish
Nasruddin's Lost Ring: Symbolic Tale
The Lost Ring: Symbolic Tale
Plato's Cave
Plato's Cave
5 Mystical Laws
3 Essential Keys to Love
Soul's Pre-birth Agreement
Soul's Pre-birth Agreement