Essential Oil for Wellness

As a mother and caregiver, wellness is essential to giving care to my son with special needs and guidance to my young adult daughter.  As a wife married to an athlete, falling far behind in our walks can be frustrating.  This page I will share my experiences with RMO’s essential oils for physical and mental wellness. This goes hand in hand with spiritual-soul development.  You simply cannot think your way through life. You must also take care of your body and have balance.  

Disclosure: I participate in Rocky Mountain Oils affiliation program which means, I receive small percentage if you decide to purchase.   This helps to offset the cost for running this site.  Thank you! 

Why I chose Rocky Mountain Oils?

Essential oils are one of my go to-must have because it offers so many benefits.  I have collected a few essential bottles from popular companies but recently made the decision to use and promote my favorite, Rocky Mountain Essential Oils.  Why?  

  • Quality & tested
  • Affordability
  • Education
  • Multiple Uses
  • NON – MLM (Multilevel Company)

Essential Oils for Autism

Anecdotal reports from friends who use essential oils for their child on the spectrum is what led me to try this on my son who prior to this intervention was nonstop hyper, woke up early in the morning, constantly agitated and had poor concentration.

Exhausted and trying to find whatever I could to make this autism journey less stressful for my family, I had to try it. 

Diffuser Blend Recipies: Many Uses of Lavender Oil

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Purify Air

2 Drops of Lavender

2 Drops of Purify Blend

2 Drops of Frankincense

Seasonal Support

2 Drops of Lavender

2 Drops of Lemon

2 Drops of Peppermint

Feeling of Balance

2 Drops of Lavender

1 drop of Ylang Ylang