Healer Archetype

Healer Archetype

Be a lamp unto yourself. Work out your liberation with diligence.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. –

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

~ Buddha

The Healer's Journey

“The first Noble Truth is that life contains inevitable, unavoidable suffering, dukkha” – Buddha

Because life contains suffering, throughout our lives we will come into contact with individuals who have the propensity to treat, alleviate, or change a person’s condition who is in distress.  People with the Healer archetype are individuals who seek to bring balance back into a person’s health and they come in all forms: doctors, psychologist, naturopaths, energy healers, shamans, and so on. 

If you find yourself in situations jumping to help improve people’s health, energy, psyche, or whatever ails them, that may be a sign you have the  Healer archetype in you.

Motivational force energy: The need to bring health/balance/wellness to people or animals.


  • All healers perceive wellness of mind, body, spirit or soul because it is the vehicle which every soul uses to make their way in life.
  • Desire to see bigger picture
  • Looks for the root of the problem

Behavioral Patterns:

  • Natural tendency to work to ease someone’s suffering
  • Does not waste an opportunity to help others or animals
  • Looks to continue to expand their knowledge and skillsets by engaging in research or attending workshops
  • Collaborates with the person he/she is treating to find health solutions.

Healer’s Inner Shadow: 

Carl Jung, describes “shadow” as the dark side of the personality. But to be clear, this means the “hidden” aspects that lies in your unconscious.  According to Jung’s theory, you distance yourself psychologically from those behaviors, emotions, and thoughts you may find unacceptable to your own values or moral code. Not only unacceptable to yourself but to society’s cultural norms and values.

Distancing or rather suppressing any aspect of yourself creates the shadows.  For the Healer archetype in you, what could be more unacceptable than not achieving the desired outcome for those under your care.

The challenges:

You thrive with the satisfaction of knowing you have done your part to bring healing and comfort to others under your care.  As Brian Dale noted in his book Archetypes, there are several factors that influence the healing process.  They include knowledge, experience, skill level, your intentions and the condition of the patient. 


Some questions to reflect on as you observe your healer archetype pattern: Do you see your patient as an equal partner to the healing process? Do you seek to engage in healing to truly help others or for status?  Do you treat a patient at all costs? 

Disempowering Attributes

  • Greed
  • Arrogance/boastful
  • Pretense
  • Doctor knows best
  • False claim
  • Prey on vulnerable
  • Treat at all cost

Light- Empowering Attributes

  • A calling/vocation
  • Empathetic
  • Intuitive
  • Advocate
  • Skilled
  • Knowledgeable
  • Caring

One of the greatest challenges for a Healer is letting go of the outcomes.  Every person has them but it’s only when you let go do you avoid suffering.  The Healer archetype is in all of us in some degree.  You face hurt whether psychically, emotionally, or both.  That healer energy calls upon you to find a way to heal.  There are life lessons this energy offers you.

The Lessons for the Healer in You:

The Buddha is compared to a doctor because he treated the suffering that ails humanity (Fisher, 2018).   Buddhism lays out four noble truths that teaches powerful lessons to help you alleviate suffering:

  1. Life contains suffering (life contains disease). There’s an assumption that Buddha after his illumination lived a happy and trouble-free life.  Ancient India was filled with hardship, disease, starvation and poverty.  So, despite reaching enlightenment Buddha was not burden-free.

    The key for sustaining happiness comes from within.  Buddha accepted the reality of life’s burdens, took responsibility for what he can do, and kept moving forward.  Moving forward included the practice of meditation, conducting oneself ethically and mindfully, and these practices would lead to cooperation, peace, and love.

  1. The origin of suffering is attachment (Cause of disease). According to Buddhism our desire “to have” leads to craving and longing for things.  This can create emotional distress when you are unable to achieve desired expectations.  The lesson is to rise above the attachment or outcomes.  “When you yield to your attachment, you become enslaved to them. “
  1. Cessation of suffering is attainable (Disease can be cured). Because suffering is due to your attachments, this means you also have the solution – choice.  The choice to “let go” is up to you. You are given the responsibility to act.  Wallow in despair and blame everyone else or pick up your cross?
  1. The path to Cessation of Suffering (Treatment for Disease). This noble truth, Buddha offers a treatment, the way to “Eightfold Path”.  IT emphasizes 8 practices for self-development and spiritual growth that has one reflect on perspective, intention, how to speak, act, live with integrity, effort, mindfulness, and concentration.   This treatment laid down by Buddha offers ways to achieve a state of “Nirvana”: freedom from attachment.

Buddhism’s The Four noble truths are templates used by modern medicine.  The four noble truths have you contemplate: Life has suffering. It can be cured. You have the responsibility to alleviate suffering for your benefit and those around you and practice the path on a daily basis.

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is a choice”. - Haruki Murakami

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