Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens. ~Carl Jung

Archetypal Consulting/Mentoring

Archetypal Consulting takes you on a personal development journey to uncover your life-long patterns and learn how to work with them to manage the power of your choices.  You were born with unique gifts, skills, and talent to create that can empower you. You also have a built-in barometer to help you navigate through life’s challenges, called Emotions. Learn how to decode your patterns and manage your emotions to bring you clarity and uncover the answers to your life’s questions and challenges. The process used is base on Caroline Myss’s work “Sacred Contract”

What are the results?

  • You will gain understanding of why you do the things you do through your patterns. These will be your tools.
  • Archetypal tools will help you better manage the truth and power of your choices.
  • Develop a symbolic lens – find meaning to challenges and order in chaos.
  • Increase confidence, self-esteem, and worth
  • Leads you to the center of yourself.  You are more than your patterns base on the choices you make.  

Here’s what to expect…

Our meeting will consist of you learning the following tools to decode and navigate through life’s challenges.

  • Archetypes – You will be given a set of questions that will help you to chose the archetypes that closely illustrates your behavioral patterns.  You will learn the dual nature of the archetypes.  The dual nature of archetypes is meant to support you to allow you to see the risk and benefits of the behavioral patterns.  

  • 12 Field of Experience is a mapping of the various areas of your life such as home, work, partnerships, group interactions, relationship to Divine, reaching your highest potential and the challenges you face in each.  These field of experiences are the 12 Astrological Houses, however, it is used only to understand your pattern and growth and not as a horoscope.  The pairing of your archetypes and these experiences will be done to form your Chart of Origin.  

  • Chart Interpretation – I decode the patterns of the archetypes you personally select and teach you how to understand your energy patterns that influence the choices you make in various areas of your life.   To help you navigate, I will give you sets of questions so that you can reflect and allow the answers to come through you.

Please note: This is not a psychological therapy service. This is a self-development process of reflection so you become more aware of your tendencies and become better navigators of your soul’s journey. This requires commitment to yourself to do the work and be honest with the process. 

“Your archetypes are the guides on this path of realization—-twelve lifelong companions that show you the pitfalls and the greatness along the road to deep inner joy. In understanding them, you gain a perspective that stokes your creative fire, enlivens your relationships, increases your vitality, and deepens your spirituality.” — Caroline Myss

This Program is for...

  • Individuals ready to undertake soul journey of discovering who they are and uncovering the Shadows of why they do the things they do
  • Individuals ready to take responsibilities and take steps (even if it’s small) to create the change they desire
  • Open to metaphoric/symbolic work
  • Open to belief in Divine, Universal, Spiritual Source – God, Love, Energy 
  • CMED students for personal development or working towards obtaining Archetypal certification (

Arranging a Session with Remy:

My work with you is a collaborative effort to unlock your archetypes.  I serve as your guide and mentor.  Most of my clients are familiar with Caroline Myss and are excited and ready to go with this process.  If you are new to this work, I highly recommend you read “Sacred Contract” or visit her website for more information about her Sacred Contract work: .   I offer reflections on my blog to give you a flavor of the work I do.

New Clients explore Chart of Origin:

  • First-time clients who have not selected their 12 archetypes or cast a wheel: (3 sessions – 1 hr/session).  

  • Clients who have selected and cast the wheel on their own and desire guidance in the interpretation – (2 sessions – 1hr/session).

Advanced Mentoring:
 Clients who have their Chart of Origin and interested in further studies:

  • The Journey of Transformation  – Clients who seek guidance who are in midst of transformation and need guidance for resolution (situational).  6-8 weeks process.

  • Fate and Destiny – Clients who seek mentoring to change a life-long issue that has always been difficult to change.  (Seen once a month for 12 months).

Fee: $85/hour  ($15 off normal price of $100)
Accepting only USA residents as clients at this time.
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